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    November 18 - December 3 2023 (Weekends only): Mol, Belgium (exact location to be announced)


    Renaat Veris was born in Noorderwijk ( Belgium) on January 30, 1940.

    He lives and works in Grobbendonk, where his Atelier can also be visited.


    Veris is an artist with many facets. His oeuvre includes oil paintings, aquarelles, pastels and etching prints depicting landscapes, still-lifes, flowers, interiors, miniatures and portraits.

    It is difficult and probably pointless to try to place him in a particular artistic school or movement. Various historical foundations can be pointed out in his art, but he has never felt limited or bound by them. He uses his technical virtuosity and search for perfection of form only to depict his personal reality stripped of frills, poses and coincidences.

    He has gotten particular praise for the details and technical cunning in his copper plate etching prints throughout the years.


    Veris often refers, in forms or symbols, to death. This may seem shocking at first glance, although he is never trying to shock. Death, for him, is part of his life. Veris' work shows his unending search for the essence, the authentic, the purest form, for complete order and harmony, for truth itself.


    A collection of his paintings has been bought by the State of Belgium, by the Flemish Community, by the Royal Library of Brussels, by the City of Antwerp, by the Belgian Government and by the most important museums of the country, as there are; the Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels, the KMSK in Antwerp and in Gent.


    His works can be found in most famous private collections in Belgium and also in various countries in Europe and worldwide.


    Two monographs have been edited about his art. The first in 1983, the second in 1997.

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